a·mal·gam [əˈmalɡəm] noun - a mixture or blend.

un·lim·it·ed [ənˈlimidəd] adjective - not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.


Created in a nebulaic crucible, Amalgam Unlimited has been expanding its pARTicles of light across the cosmos, and won't stop until it has been observed by all sentient beings.


Amalgam Unlimited resides in the corner of the universe known as Huntington, West Virginia. Huntington is located in the United States of America, on the North American continent on the Planet Earth, which is orbiting a star within the Milky Way galaxy.


With 10 years experience of freelance graphic design, he is able to produce striking visuals and creative eye-catching graphics to fit a myriad of projects, events, merchandise, and promotional materials.


Dynamic designs from stickers to album covers to billboards and everything in between.


With a main focus on digital mediums, he uses a combination of image re-appropriation and manipulation, illustration, and photography. He also has a background in screenprinting, mural painting, and various types of production art to help create high quality artwork to fit all of your needs. 


In addition to creating commissioned work, he releases a plethora of self-published prints, zines, comics, books, and various other merchandise.



Contact Amalgam Unlimited today for professional and passionate work at affordable rates. 

Photo by Most Exalted

Photo by Most Exalted


Amalgam Unlimited is the art of Jimbo Valentine. He was born in Fairmont, WV but has resided in the Huntington area for 15 years. Jimbo has been doing graphic design for 10 years and has created over 1400 gigposters, dozens of album layouts, and countless merchandise designs. He has been the resident designer at the V Club since 2009 and is the art director of the Huntington Music and Arts Festival.